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One of NeuroRPG LLC's (www.neurorpg.com) many offerings: Welcome to the official Role-Playing Game Consent App website! By Hawke Robinson

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From "The Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming", founder of RPG Therapeutics LLC, NeuroRPG LLC, RPGMobile.com, the non-profit RPG Research, RPGCenter.org, Hawke Robinson.

One of NeuroRPG LLC's (www.neurorpg.com) many offerings: If you are looking for analog consent forms for your tabletop, live-action, or other role-playing games, see: <pending>

We use a wide range of participant pre-during-and-post consent-and-feedback tools in most of our programs. This is a recently evolving area.

This site provides updates on the hardware (wired) and software solutions designed to help game facilitators and game masters receive pre-game and real-time feedback on the comfort level of the game participants.

It will also be usable for general evaluation feedback post-game as well, but the highest priority is on pre-and-during-game consent to material.

The default is the green-yellow-red notifications, but other options may be available such as the faces scale, various Likert scales, 1-10 scale, or others.

The application is meant to run either as a web app or a mobile app.

The GM creates a private room with an access code to give to players to join the room before/during any game session.

Then using either the web interface or their mobile devices, the players can send real-time, ANONYMOUS, feedback about their comfort level with the game.

This is especially for useful for more "mature" games that deal with "challenging" topics, and you want to be considerable of people's sensitivities so that facilitator/GM can adapt as needed to keep the game as "safe" as possible for the participants.

It is highly recommended that all facilitators list all of the potential issues that may come up in the game, for example, detailed gore, torture, etc. So that prospective players can make an informed decision about whether they wish to join the game or not well in advance.

This is especially helpful for professional game masters providing paid sessions and insurance premium costs.

The Github repository is here:


traffic light green, yellow, red, with d20 symbols for game consent.

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Role-Playing Game Consent App by Hawke Robinson et al.

Official website: www.gameconsent.com

A web-based and mobile app for role-playing game masters to receive real-time anonymous feedback on the comfort level of their players.

**Free Version The public free version has just the most basic features:

  1. Supported as web server application (Java or Python?), and iOS/Android mobile app (what tool to develop?). Users can use the password protected webpage option for a specific room, or they can use the mobile app version.
  2. There are two groups: GM and Player.
  3. GM controls who has access to "room"
  4. Players able to join specific room provided by GM by invitation only
  5. Players can tap Green, Yellow, or Red to indicate to GM real time issues. Green, Yellow, Red real-time indicator to the GM, yellow overrides Green, and red overrides yellow. The GM has the Facilitator mode, and can receive real time notices on the GM's page/app during the game sessions.
  6. Fully anonymous, GM cannot tell which players chose something other than "Green".
  7. GM can reset status for whole room at any time, which sends request to reset status indicator on GM's dashboard and on all player dashboards. Players prompted to accept reset or to maintain current status. If maintain current status, GM is notified that still at same level.

The players join a "room" created by the GM, and based on the GM's settings, can provide real-time feedback about their comfort with the content or any other issues during the activity.

Default free version only provides real-time green-yellow-red "Traffic light" option in anonymous only mode. Paid version has many more features.

**Paid Version Added Features (Proposed)

Additional features in the paid version (through NeuroRPG.com which will have to pay costs to get these developed and available on stores. 20-100% of profits will be donated to the 501(c)3 non-profit charity RPG Research/RPG Center/RPG Museum).

Other options available to the GM to setup for participant feedback can include various Likert scales, Faces scale, 1-10 scale, etc. The GM can also have the option to create custom feedback forms for feedback on specific topics.

Player can choose to levels of privacy: a) the default "confidential" (only GM sees the player's current status), or "anonymous" GM cannot see individual player's status, only GM's overall console of status for all players. If even one player wishes to be in anonymous mode, then GM cannot see status of any other players (otherwise process of elimination would be too likely).

Pre-game consent form features.

This can be used for tabletop role-playing (TRPG), live-action role-playing (LRPG, which also includes larps), electronic role-playing (ERPG), and various hybrids (HRPG).

This can be used for in-person gaming, as well as with remote gamers.

More variable group options to allow for assistant GM's without full GM access, and other groups configurable by master GM.

Confidential or Anonymous messaging using linked Matrix Synapse Home Server (two, default servers included: matrix.org and chat.rpgsn.net).

Option for GM to enable after-game feedback forms, ratings, comments.